PowerX Electricity

Get real-time data of your electrical usage.

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Monitor your electricity from your phone at any time.

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    Live & historic data
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    1-3 phase homes
  • volts
    110-240 Volts
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    Easy installation

Know in real-time what's on and what's off in your home.

PowerX Electricity measures electric current at a near nanosecond level frequency, so it can catch and identify the unique signature of appliances, show you in real-time how much energy each appliance is using and how much it's costing you.

Monitor your energy usage wherever you are.

Our app named PowerX Terra, connects you to your home and gives you full insight of your electricity use.

Finally understand what your appliances are up to and which devices are costing you the most. Terra also informs you where electricity is lost or misused so you can make smarter decisions and save money.

Plug and play installation.

The PowerX Electricity sensor is easy to install and non-invasive. No need to drill holes in your circuit box.

Monitor individual breakers

Track your solar production and usage

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Connect the Hub and done.

Connect your Hub to the internet and that's it!

The PowerX Hub collects data from all your sensors and sends it to the cloud so that you can see it on your phone with the PowerX App.

What's in the box

  • PowerX Electricity Sensor
  • PowerX Hub
  • PowerX sensor mount (optional use)
  • USB wall adapter and power cable
  • Set of 2 200A clamps
  • Set of 4 50A clamps
  • 2 mounting screws (optional use)
Why do I need a hub?
The Hub is what the sensors send data to. With the Hub you onboard sensors to your account and get access to your data. Without a Hub you will not be able to set up a sensor
How many clamps come with the Electricity sensor?
The PowerX Electricity sensor comes with 6 clamps total. 2x200A clamps and 4x50A clamps.
Can I have multiple electricity sensors?
Yes! If you have sub panels or want to have more clamps for your sub breakers you can connect multiple powerX Electricity sensors to 1 Hub.
Will my PowerX Electricity work with solar panels?
Yes, simply attach the 50amp additional clamps to the solar panel’s mains that lead into the circuit breaker box and you’re good to go!