PowerX Water

The most advanced clamp-on smart water meter.

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  • 1 year warranty
  • No subscription fee
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Monitor your water usage from your phone at any time.

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    Live & historic data
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    Prevent overuse
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    Leak alerts
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    Easy DIY installation
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    Save money

A complete view of your water usage.

PowerX Water attaches to your water pipe and through ultrasonic rays tracks your water consumption. Our AI learns your usage patterns and shows you in real time how much water you are using and how much it’s costing you.
  • Connect the Hub to WiFi

    The Hub communicates to the sensors via LoRa. It can connect 10+ sensors so 1 home only needs 1 Hub. Additionally the Hub can be up to 1mile away from your sensors.

  • Install sensor on pipe

    Simply attach the PowerX Water sensor on your pipe and get instant access to your water data through our app. Intallation is easy and non-invasive, no cutting pipes required!

  • See your data anywhere

    The PowerX sensor delivers high-definition water data straight to your phone, alerts you to leaks and allows you to find savings.

Monitor your water usage wherever you are.

PowerX alerts you to overuse while the sophisticated water monitoring lets you create a budget that fits your needs and prompts you to stay on track.

Prevent overuse

Track spending and usage

Get real-time data

Leak alerts

Clamp on and done.

PowerX Water is the easiest to install water monitor. No cutting pipes and no plumber required.

Simply clamp the PowerX Ultrasound sensor to your pipe, sync it to our app and enjoy the savings.
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LoRa based Hub - long range connection.

LoRa based Hub - long range connection.

Option to power sensor with 4AA batteries or USB cable.

Option to power sensor with 4AA batteries or USB cable.

Ability to connect multiple water sensors to 1 Hub.

Ability to connect multiple water sensors to 1 Hub.

Can I have multiple sensors for 1 Hub?
Yes you can have multiple sensors communicating to 1 single Hub. 1 Hub can accommodate 10+ sensors.
What pipe sizes does the PowerX Water work on?
The PowerX Water sensor can be installed on pipes up to 1.5” in size.
What pipe types does the PowerX Water work on?
PowerX Water is compatible with CTS Copper (type M&L), CPVC, and PEX piping.

What's in the box

  • PowerX Water Sensor
  • Ultrasonic Sensor & strap nut
  • Data transmission cable
  • PowerX Hub
  • Sensor Mount
  • 2 USB wall adapter and power cable
  • 4 mounting screws (optional use)
  • Zip ties
  • Water Leak Cable available

Product Specifications

Water Sensor Dimensions
7.0 in (L) x 3.1 in (W) x 1.7 in (H)
Ultrasonic Sensor Dimensions
3.9 in (L) x 3.1 in (W) x 2.3 in (H)
PowerX Hub Dimensions
5.2 in (L) x 2.8 in (W) x 1.2 in (H)
Data Transmission Cable
15.7 in

Indoor/Outdoor Use

Indoor Use
Outdoor Use
Device is not waterproof; must be covered for outdoor use


1 year limited warranty

Wireless Features

Water Sensor
PowerX Hub
802.1/b/g/n - 2.4GHz and 868-915MHz

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews

My son accidentally left the sink on in the bathroom in the middle of the night and when i woke up i had a leak alert on my phone from PowerX!! I originally bought it because i wanted to track water usage for our sprinklers as wr have had leaks in the past. I ended up loving it and actually got 3 water sensors. One for our main house, one for guest house and one for our sprinkler system!


this took me 15 minutes to install. All you basically do is unscrew the screws on the small black sensor, put it on the pipe and put the screws back in. I was worried i would have to get a plumber but anyone can do this!
I've had the sensor installed for about 1 week so far, everything looks good! If you have high water bills or leaks i definitely recommend getting this. My water bill jumped to $600 and i was freaking out which is why i got this sensor.

The app allows you to put in your custom water cost which helps you see how much each of your activities is costing.

Edgar James
Monitoring my irrigation system with this

I was most worried about reoccurring leaks in my irrigation system so when i landed on an ad for this product it was a no brainer for me.
sensor works as expected! you can see your flow rate live and average flow rate in the past. The graphs are cool and data seems to be accurate. I did have a minor leak about a week ago and got a notification to my phone saying "PowerX detected a leak". This has been an ongoing issue with our irrigation system!!! I actually bought 2 more sensors one for our guest house and another for the main water line.

Works well!

most accurate water meter so far

I have tried a few water meter that were non-invasive and this one is by far the most accurate one. i think i was about 1% off my actual monthly usage and i've had the sensor installed for about 3 months.

My water bill jumped from unless $150 to $600 out of nowhere so i needed something like this to keep tabs and help me with budgeting.


My parents have has multiple leaks in their home, one that practically ruined the entire basement and cost them an insane amount of money. My parents are also not very tech savvy so I installed the device in their house and keep track on my phone.

I did get a leak alert once when my mum left the water hose running outside for hours! I was able to call them and let them know as soon as i got the alert.

This product gives me a lot of peace of mind when it comes to my parents. I just ordered the electricity sensor too that i will be installing in their home. Will write a review for the electricity sensor once i have tried it out!

Katelyn C
Works as described

Product works as described. I originally bought this because i have bad hearing and i have previously on multiple occasions left the water running and couldn't hear the water flow.

This alerts me to any running water which is exactly what i wanted.

Klein Peters

So thankful i found this! I recently had to rip out my entire kitchen at one one my properties because of a leak.. this ended up costing me almost 50K to redo the entire kitchen and parts of the basement! EVERYTHING was destroyed!

I found this online and immediately purchased 4 for all my properties. a week later i got a leak alert AND IT WAS AN ACTUAL LEAK at my rental property!!! no one was there at the time i just had a pipe burst! i would not even have found out until I would have gotten the water bill.

I cannot brag about this device more, its saved me from major property damages and big water bills!

Johan S

I absolutely love the app and all the insight you get. The product is really great overall, the device itself is really good quality, feels like an apple product when you're unboxing everything.

so why the 3 stars? i had a really difficult time installing the sensor! during install you're supposed to get a solid light then calibrate the sensor and i was unable to get the solid light no matter what i did!! i spent 2 days messing with this. Finally customer support did help me out and it turned out i needed a new connector cable that links the 2 sensors. So then i had to wait another week for the new cable to be delivered before i could hook up the device..

I really do love the device but my experience with installation was bad because of the faulty piece otherwise i would give it 5 stars.

Lawrence Hooper

My water bill for my rental property went from $120 to $400+ per month! no visible leaks i had no idea what was going on. Was in panic mode a little bit. I saw this ad for PowerX online and decided to test it out. LIFE SAVER!!!! if you have a home and you pay for your water bills you need to get this! installation was probably 20 minutes for me total SO EASY!


I finally bought a the PowerX water sensor after watching it online for more half a year. I know a thing or two about water monitors, having tested multiple other brands before. I always wanted an iPhone app for water monitoring and the PowerX meter is the perfect implementation of this. Correspondence between my meter and this sensor is closer than 1%, so I am confident that it is as accurate as you can get by this method (without cutting your pipes).

The iPhone app is also excellent! You can see your data in multiple graphs and filter the data. You can also set your custom water price to keep your price in app accurate to your true water bill.

Great product!

Ready to take control of your home's water use?