Saving money has never been this easy.

PowerX sensors collect data surrounding your electricity, heat and water. Machine learning uses this data to determine which devices are the most wasteful and provides actionable solutions to make your home more efficient. Our smart home solutions learn and improve every day to help you save money and lessen your carbon footprint.

How does it work?

Easy Installation & Powerful Monitoring

The PowerX Suite

$597 $399 With Hub

Our all-in-one Suite includes our Water, Electricity and Water Heater sensors for a whole-home utility monitoring system.

  • Save Money
  • Get Unprecedented Insight
  • Avoid Disasters

PowerX Water

$199 With Hub

Finally understand your water bill. See your entire home's water usage in real time and receive cost cutting recommendations and notifications to any leaks or overuse.

  • Monitor your water usage
  • Get tailored tips to save money
  • Leak alerts

PowerX Electricity

$199 With Hub

See how much power you're really using down to the appliance level. Understand where you're spending, which appliances are costing you the most and how to cut back.

  • Understand your electricity usage
  • See where there’s savings
  • Avoid potential problems

PowerX Water Heater

$199 With Hub

Transform your water heating into a smart one and always have the right amount of hot water when you need it, all while reducing costs and preventing disaster.

  • Learns usage patterns
  • Optimizes for peak efficiency
  • Alerts you to leaks and mechanical problems