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The Most Powerful Utility Management and ESG Software on the Market

PowerX Enterprise monitors utility usage and carbon emissions providing owners and operators with real-time actionable insights and cost saving recommendations. The software integrates seamlessly with existing systems or through PowerX’s sensors to build a complete picture of what is happening on the unit, building, and portfolio level.

Utility Usage on the Unit Level

Manage utility usage like never before. PowerX Enterprise offers unparalleled insight into a building’s Water, Heat, and Electricity use down to the unit level. The system automatically identifies inefficiencies and recommends mitigation options, all in real-time. PowerX Enterprise easily integrates with existing building systems and when coupled with PowerX sensors provide even greater detail of a building’s utility profile including automatic alerts for water leaks and energy issues.

Track Emissions, Ensure Compliance Save Money

New laws require owners to report and drastically reduce carbon emissions. In New York City alone the Empire State Building will have to pay a $1.25M annual fine if it does not reduce it’s emissions. Is your building ready? PowerX Enterprise gathers data from every corner of the building, including water outlets, lighting, insulation, heating, solar radiation data, and much more to provide a complete emissions model of your building. The system automatically generates compliance reports and recommends different mitigation scenarios to save you money.

Large Portfolio? No Problem

Emission and energy data gathered across buildings and different facility teams can be messy. PowerX Enterprise is a simple, scalable solution that provides powerful collaboration and management tools to ensure all your buildings and teams operate at peak efficiency.

Standout Features

Cost Savings Recommendations

PowerX Enterprise is the only solution that measures an asset’s compliance with local emissions standards and recommends cost-saving mitigation measures.

The powerful software generates numerous scenarios, allowing a user to adjust different elements, that measures the cost of potential investment against projected fines and future savings. PowerX delivers tailored solutions that make economic sense for each asset.

Emission Law Monitoring and Analysis

Evolving regulations, CO2 prices, or carbon taxes may change your business outlook significantly. PowerX keeps track of all relevant emission standards and helps you get ahed of future challenges.

Customised ESG Reports on Demand

Satisfy regulators and local agencies with automated ESG reporting. Comply with frameworks like GRESB, CDP, and TCFD.

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