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Why Save Water?

It’s commonly held knowledge that nothing on earth can survive without water. It makes up 60% of the human body and is the life source of civilization. So water conservation is nothing that should be taken lightly.
Why Save Water?

When you picture a globe of planet Earth it’s impossible not to recognize the vast blue areas. With all that water — covering an estimated 72% of the planet — it’s hard to imagine that we’d ever need to worry about conserving it. Turns out though, accessible drinking water is not as abundant as you might think. Of all the water on the planet, only about 3% is suitable for human consumption. And 2.5% of that is currently locked away from us, frozen in polar ice caps, present in the soil or atmosphere, or sadly, too polluted to be used. 

More than keeping the entire planet alive, water conservation has plenty of other benefits and there are a number of easy ways to reduce your consumption and make a difference for the planet. 

Benefits of Water Conservation

It’s good for your wallet!

As anyone who pays a monthly utility bill knows, water isn’t free. Many households in the U.S. are charged based on the amount of water they consume each month, so using less will mean more money in your pocket. In addition to the cost of the actual water though, you are also often paying the cost of the energy used to the water to you. Electrical pumps are required to move water from wells and water towers. Reducing the amount of water you use will also help to reduce the amount of energy your household consumes and pays for. 

A clean environment

Conserving water reduces the overall amount of energy that is consumed, and in effect saves fossil fuel resources and lessens pollution for the planet. 

A more peaceful world

As climate change continues to threaten the globe and our ways of life, water scarcity is also becoming a more present threat for many. Issues of both quality and quantity of available drinking water are at play here. Rising populations in conjunction with environmental issues, pollution, and over-industrialization are correlated with water scarcity and political conflicts. Water is a strategic natural resource to which all peoples do not have equal access. It is predicted that water may eventually become as politicized as oil, giving water-rich nations a political and economic advantage. Conserving water across the globe may help to provide more equal access to areas that need it most. 

Water is fun! 

Who does love cooling off by an aqua-blue pool on a hot summer’s day? Or enjoying the sights and sounds of a flowing fountain in the park? And not to mention, that lovely green grass that requires frequent watering to stay so lush. When we conserve water in the context of indoor usage, we leave more be utilized for recreational purposes that make life so fun and beautiful. It would be a shame if water scarcity is the reason your favorite park can’t be maintained in the years to come. 

Okay, so how can I save water?  

There are countless changes that you can make in your everyday life to help save water. And most of them aren’t hard at all. In fact, some of these ideas may even save you precious time and alleviate a major headache in the future!

Use your dishwasher!

That’s right! Using your dishwasher actually helps conserve water! On average, over 2 gallons of water flow from a typical kitchen sink each minute, and a dishwasher uses about 3 gallons of water per load. So unless you wash dishes like Flash, load that baby up and save your energy for something more fun. 

Take a shorter shower 

This one’s pretty obvious, but worth the reminder. It’s one of the easiest things you can do to save water. Rinse, lather, run. And unless your showers are approaching 30-40 minutes long, no, a bath won’t save you water. 

Rain Barrels 

There’s no need for your plants to take the hit if you are working to conserve water. Rain barrels are easy, low-cost tools that can be to collect fresh rain water that will keep your garden lush and hydrated. They are easy to install and can even work double duty as a beautiful fixture for your yard. 

Maintain appliances and fixtures!

This one might be less obvious and can save you money, hassle, and water in the long run. Make sure your appliances and fixtures are leak-free. No sense in wasting precious water or money to let water seep from the pipes! 

Monitor your water usage with PowerX

With the PowerX Water sensor you can monitor your water in real-time. Our non-invasive, easy-to-install sensor clamps to your water pipe and shows you  everything you need to know about your home's water use, so you can make smarter decisions about your usage, save money and learn how to conserve water. PowerX Water also monitors your home for leaks.


Already own a PowerX Water sensor? Give us a review and let us know how you like it! 

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