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Top 5 Documentaries on Climate Change to Watch Now

A list of some of the most inspiring and chilling documentaries to help viewers learn more about climate change.
Top 5 Documentaries on Climate Change to Watch Now

We all love a good film, especially those that make us connect to our humanity and a greater purpose. So here is a list of the top 5 documentaries to watch that are sure to spring you into action on the climate crisis. 

Our Planet by David Attenborough   

David Attenborough is well recognized for writing and presenting the Natural History documentary series known as the Life collection for the BBC Natural History Unit. While Attenborough focused more on the natural wonders of our planet earlier in his career, his latest works aim to bring attention to environmental causes. 

Our Planet is a breathtaking documentary series focused on advocacy for restoring planetary biodiversity. The series highlights the world’s natural wonders, iconic species, and wildlife habitats worldwide and translates breadth and diversity into 4k cinematography for viewers to enjoy.

The series is a 4-year long venture between World Wildlife Fund, Netflix, and Silverback Films. It comes together in an 8 part series that takes you through the remote Arctic wilderness and mysterious deep oceans to the vast landscapes of Africa and diverse jungles of South America. 

The documentary’s mission is “to inspire people [all] over the world to understand our planet - and the challenges it faces. If we can truly understand why nature matters to us all and what we can do to save it, then we can create a future where nature and people thrive.” 

By visiting https://www.ourplanet.com/en/ viewers can immerse themselves in an interactive experience and learn more about what they can do to help. 

Kiss the Ground 

Kiss the Ground is a documentary like no other exploring soil regeneration and regenerative farming. Through the film, viewers explore the relationships between climate change and dirt. 

The documentary suggests that regenerative farming is an effective solution to our planet’s climate crisis. 

Regenerative farming is about the health of the soil on our planet, and healthy soil translates to the health of plants and crops. This idea of regenerative farming is about farming practices and methods that prioritize the genome of the earth’s soil. 

One of the main conclusions in the film is that soil can eliminate carbon from the earth’s atmosphere and stabilize the climate. The film producers lay out a compelling story by touching on soil, crops, and climate change. 

Rebecca and Josh Tickell produced the film, also known for documentaries like Fuel, Pump, and The Big Fix. They enlist the iconic actor Woody Harrelson to narrate the film, making this an engaging experience for all. Some call the movie the “first viable solution to climate change,” but you have to watch for yourself to find out. 

To learn more about how you can take action, visit https://kissthegroundmovie.com/

Anthropocene: The Human Epoch 

Anthropocene: The Human Epoch is the perfect junction of art and science.
The movie is a feature documentary film and part of a trilogy including Manufactured Landscapes (2006) and Watermark (2013). 

The body of scientists taking charge of research in the film, the Anthropocene Working Group, argues that “the Holocene Epoch gave way to the Anthropocene Epoch in the mid-twentieth century, because of profound and lasting human changes to the Earth.”

The Holocene epoch is the current geological epoch and began 11,650 cal years ago. Cal years refer to “radiocarbon years,” which are then converted into calendar years. The Anthropocene epoch is a proposed geological epoch, and various start dates have been offered since its introduction. 

After four years in the making, the feature documentary comes to life as introspection on the total restructuring of the planet at the hands of humanity. If you want to experience human planetary domination via concrete visual evidence, this film is a must-watch.

To learn more about the exhibition accompanying the project and immerse yourself in a virtual reality experience, visit https://theanthropocene.org/film/.

The Condor and the Eagle

The film, The Condor and the Eagle, showcases a genuinely inclusive movement led by the most impacted. It is about our relationship with planet earth and one another. In the movie, four indigenous leaders embark on a transcontinental quest to unite the people of North and South America to strengthen climate justice. 

Directors Clement and Sophie Guerra, take viewers from the plains of Canada to the deep Jungles of the Amazon as they document the story of the indigenous leaders. These leaders are pioneers in helping change the narrative of their people from forgotten voices to shared solid communities with the power to change the entire world. 

Suppose you’re in the mood for a spiritual renaissance. In that case, The Condor and the Eagle will connect you to a challenging and liberating journey that is sure to alter your perspective on humanity’s relationship with our planet. 

To learn more about events or to make a donation, visit  ​​https://thecondorandtheeagle.com/


2040 takes form as a visual letter from filmmaker Damon Gameau to his four-year-old daughter Velvet. In the film, he teaches his daughter about regeneration and implementing solutions to the planet’s most pressing problems. He encourages viewers to envision what the world would look like in 20 years if we implemented and deployed climate technology. 

The film is unique because it illustrates a world where change is possible and helps viewers visualize the future if we learn how to implement viable solutions. Gameau says, “this is a crisis of imagination. We just don’t have leaders that throw out visions anymore. They’re often talking about protection and retreat. And that’s a very different state of mind.”

The filmmaker hopes the film helps people find their sense of agency to act. 

If you’re in the mood for a film that is more poetic and speaks to you on a human level rather than through charts and graphs, this film might be well suited. 

You can create your own personalized action plan for 2040 by visiting  whatsyour2040.com/

In addition to staying informed you can become an agent of change by implementing small but meaningful changes right at home. PowerX products give homeowners the ability and control over their carbon footprint by optimizing all home utilities.

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