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How Monitoring Utilities Can Help You Beat Inflation and Prevent Rising Household Bills

With inflation rates soaring, homeowners must act to prevent rising household bills. Read this blog to discover how PowerX can help you beat rising living costs.
How Monitoring Utilities Can Help You Beat Inflation and Prevent Rising Household Bills

When you’re working on saving money, a large bill is the last thing you want to see. If your utility bills have been higher than normal, you’re not alone. As 2021 came to an end, homeowners were paying more for home utilities than ever. It’s not only a few companies looking to gouge their customers, either. It’s happening across the board, and inflation rates are the source of the problem.

According to CNBC, inflation rose a whopping 6% in January of 2022, marking the largest increase since 1982. With this kind of dramatic increase, it’s more important than ever for homeowners to monitor their utility usage in order to save money. To do this, homeowners can use technology from companies like PowerX to monitor their usage right from their phones. Let’s look at what inflation is doing to utility rates, and how consumers can monitor their utilities, saving energy and money.

What’s Happening With Inflation Rates?

Utility prices typically rise every year, but not usually by a noticeable amount. What’s happening right now is putting some homeowners in the drastic position of choosing between electricity or food. And according to Bloomberg, by the end of 2021, consumers paid 25% more to utility companies for natural gas compared to the previous decade. Yet as the cost of living increased rapidly, worker earnings only increased around .1% if we take the inflation into account.

So what are homeowners supposed to do? If utility bills continue to increase, users are going to need to focus on beating inflation and keeping their rates down. But this doesn’t have to mean turning everything off and living in a cold, dark house. A powerful and easy solution to the problem is energy-saving measures, and it all starts with monitoring utilities.

How To Reduce Your Household Bills by Monitoring Utilities

When you start monitoring utilities in your home, you will instantly have more control over your bills. Keeping track of your usage with smart technology can help homeowners assess problem areas, such as unnecessary electricity use, and potential gas leaks. Using a simple tool like PowerX can help you analyse your energy usage at the touch of a button, and optimize your utility usage. You’ll stay in the know, easily take the measures needed to reduce your energy bills, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your money isn’t being wasted.

Why Use PowerX To Monitor Utilities?

PowerX gives users a 360 view of their entire home, allowing them to easily track their usage, and see where money is being spent (or wasted). The user-friendly smart app gives users a comprehensive breakdown of cost and averages, so they can figure out how to optimize their usage for peak efficiency.

PowerX offers users an all-in-one solution to energy use monitoring, covering not only electricity, but water and gas too. This means homeowners can get an in-depth view on where their money is going, in real-time.

How Does PowerX Work?

PowerX works by sending you real-time data from three sensors installed in your home, monitoring electricity, water, and gas. You can track individual appliances to see how much energy they’re using, meaning you can even check how your long showers are costing you!

The technology offers an incredible energy and money-saving opportunity to homeowners, and everything can be easily viewed from inside the PowerX app, even when they’re on vacation!


If you’re ready to start saving money by monitoring your utilities, contact us today to get started with PowerX.

PowerX provides fully automated smart home monitoring solutions using the energy-efficient LoRa connectivity standard. Our system helps you monitor and optimize energy consumption and proactively avoid disasters like leaks.

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