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Harnessing the Carbon Reduction Opportunity of Energy Monitoring

Harnessing the Carbon Reduction Opportunity of Energy Monitoring

The most effective carbon reduction initiatives begin with a clear awareness of when and where energy is consumed. PowerX is assisting homeowners in implementing our energy monitoring systems so they can gain this level of insight.

How Does an Energy Monitor Work?

The PowerX system consists of sensors for electric or gas water heaters, the home's water main, and the home's electric panel, along with a central hub to connect them all and to transmit the resulting data to the internet, which is accessed via an accompanying app to allow for real-time monitoring of the home's energy use.

They can be location-based, for example, to track how much energy and water each floor or occupant uses. They may also track the consumption of individual assets like lighting, heating, and cooling. This provides homeowners with a lot more information about their consumption — how, where, and when energy is consumed – and possible waste areas.

How to Start Using an Energy Monitor

The first stage in implementing a successful energy monitoring strategy is to conduct a site audit to determine where PowerX would be most beneficial. An audit should determine where any meters exist if they are operational and whether the infrastructure to read and gather data is in place. This helps you avoid frequent pitfalls: many homeowners are astonished to learn how much energy they actually consume!

After everything has been documented, you can install your PowerX system. Soon after, you can utilize the information to make adjustments in your home that save you money and energy.

Save Money and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with PowerX

It's tempting to believe that once the most common causes of energy waste have been identified and remedied, energy monitoring solutions will only deliver substantial dollar savings in the short run. However, the most incredible savings are realized when energy data is analyzed regularly. Our PowerX systems monitor data regularly to alert you to anything odd in real-time.

This method of monitoring energy usage across your organization offers a number of advantages:

  • Real-time monitoring: Using PowerX, you can keep track of how much energy is being used in your home. The sensors' data is transmitted back to a central dashboard on the Terra app, where you can see the energy usage picture across your home at any given time, ensuring that you always have a clear image of your energy consumption.
  • Ability to make immediate changes: Because you have an overview of areas with high energy usage, you can react quickly to make modifications to reduce energy usage. It can help you identify things like machines that have been left running when they shouldn't be or equipment that isn't operating as well as it should and may require maintenance.
  • Assists in ensuring a continuous and dependable power supply: By monitoring the energy going into and out of home appliances, you can anticipate future problems, such as peaks in demand at specific periods, and make preparations to address them.
  • Data analysis becomes easier than ever: You may simply look at monthly bills and data reports on energy usage for your home using data generated by PowerX, which will be critical when trying to reach any targets you have for your home. You can also look at individual appliances and room to establish action plans for energy reduction by tracking user trends.


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