Connect to Alexa

Connect to Alexa


  • You need an account in PowerX. It can be created either by the web app or by the android/iOS app.
  • Web app link:

  • Register your hub and sensors (heat, water and electricity) via a mobile app.
  • Need to install the Alexa app on your phone.

Steps to Connect to Alexa

  • Install the Alexa app.
  • Tap the “More” button at the bottom right corner.
  • Go to Skills & Games.
  • Search the skill “PowerX”
  • login with your PowerX username and password..
  • Allow access for voice user interface.
  • You can now know your temperature by saying “Alexa, ask PowerX the current temperature”.
  • You can start or stop heating by saying “Alexa, ask PowerX start heating”.
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