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Know what's going on in your home.

PowerX is the only solution that provides you with a complete view of your home's electricity, water and water heater usage. Get a complete 360° view of your home's usage straight to your phone.

Order PowerX Suite

Easy installation.
Powerful savings.

The next level of home monitoring.

Stay connected to your home with live & historic utilities data.

Set custom saving goals and keep track of your energy and water use.

Manage your whole-home usage from 1 single app.

Get alerted to potential disasters such as leaks or mechanical problems.


Smart home devices that
pay for themselves.

Monitor your whole home utility use and save money with our complete line of smart home sensors.

The PowerX Suite

$717 $529 with Hub


Our all-in-one Suite includes our Water, Electricity and Water Heater sensors for a whole-home utility monitoring system.

Never lose connection.

LoRa is a long-range, low-power, and secure wireless platform that connects your PowerX sensors to your HUB. Thus, eliminating that worry of spotty WIFI connectivity in your home.

Energy efficient

Sensor batteries last up to 1.5 years

Up to 3 miles of connection

Let PowerX be alert, so that you don't have to.

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See what our customers are saying

Emanuel M.

Game Changer!!!

"Love the PowerX energy solution. It is not only very easy and efficient to install but has saved me real dollars."

Philip T.

PowerX gave me incredible detail.

“It showed me that our washing machine was using too much water and power. Replacing it paid for a new one!“

Anne S.

I am just a huge PowerX fan.

“When the thermopile in my water heater broke down PowerX was able to pick that up.“